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Sorting brass doesn’t have to be a laborious, time consuming job! HasGrok designs and builds intelligent Feeders and Sorters, making it easy to automatically sort thousands of cases per day. Click the buttons below to learn more about our machines!

Sort Brass Cases by Headstamp

Gone are the days of sitting for hours manually sorting by headstamps. The Sortinator line of machines automates this entire process, leaving you free to invest your time in other places! Whether you’re a hobbyist who needs more time, or an ammo remanufacturing company, the Sortinator will free up your time and significantly increase the amount of brass you can reload.

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Complete Integration

Ammo Reloaders and Remanufacturers of all sizes love the complete integration our system offers. Not only do the machines know each other’s status, but their AI intelligence is smart enough to learn in real time and notify you about potential problems before they become nightmares!


The Sortinator removes the pain and frustration of manually sorting cases by hand. With options for operations of all sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Customer Support

Intelligent machines are complex, but you can rest confident knowing that your HasGrok machine comes with one-to-one customer support. Brian, the owner, will personally onboard you and set up your machine to your exact needs. This customized approach allows you to quickly and effectively make use of your new investment! Click the button below to contact Brian if you have further questions.


Compatible with both HasGrok Sortinators, as well as many Dillon products, the Feedinator will be your intelligent, automated system for seamlessly loading cases. Its advanced technology can detect and correct jams. Plus, because it’s consistently learning, each jam that does occur provides another data point to keep that from happening in the future. Learn more about the Feedinator by clicking the links below.


“My Hasgrok  case feeders easily keep up with my commercial roll sizer. It is a great value in a case feeder in my opinion”
– Todd Tuckwood
“I sort over 1 Million caes a year on my Sortinator 1000. There is no other machine out therethat can do the jobit does”
– Todd Tuckwood

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