Sortinator 1000


Machine vision device sorts up to 4,000 brass cases per hour by brand.


Laptop Upgrade

Included laptop is refurbished running Linux with sorter software installed.

Additional caliber guides


Add-ons total:



Tired of hand sorting your brass casings for those high quality boutique orders?  With the Sortinator, all you have to do is set up the machine and keep the case feeder supplied with brass.  On average, the Sortinator is able to identify and segregate one case every second.  It can handle clean brass or dirty brass, pistol or revolver, large primer or small primer, deprimed or not, and any caliber between 9mm to .308 in length, and up to half inch diameter.  It comes calibrated for major brands, but if you want to sort on different criteria, you can train the Sortinator to recognize any marking you are interested in.  The process is simple: place the Sortinator in learning mode and use the intuitive software interface to identify markings to the Sortinator.  In the process, you are sorting brass, and the Sortinator is learning your markings.  As the accuracy of the Sortinator improves, it takes over the learning process, pausing for your help when it doesn’t recognize the head stamp.  When it is performing to your accuracy requirements, place the Sortinator back into automatic mode.


  • Sortinator unit
  • Dust and stray light cover box
  • Laptop controller
  • Mounting mast
  • Rolling dolly
  • Wiring kit
  • Software
  • Spare consumables (servo and needles)


  • Image recognition software identifies the brass headstamp and drops it in the appropriate bucket.
  • Large/small primer recognition at better than 98% accuracy.
  • Sort mixed brand brass casings into as many buckets that will fit under the sorter.
  • Software sorts major calibers by head stamp (contact us if you don’t see your caliber here)
    • .45ACP
    • 38SPL
    • 9mm
    • .380
    • .223 (5.56) (.378w / 1.76l)
    • 357 Magnum (.440w / 1.29l)
    • 40 S&W (.424w / .85l)
    • 6.8mm REM SPC
    • 6.5mm Grendel
    • 22-250
    • 7.62 (.447w / 1.524l)
    • .308 Winchester (.4728w / 2.015l)
    • .270 Winchester (.473w / 2.54l)
  • Supervised and unsupervised training modes allow classification of arbitrary markings such as dates, pressure, etc.
  • One year warranty parts
  • Free software upgrades


  • .5″ guides (included) for sorting most pistol, and small rifle brass.  Includes standard curved selector chute.
  • .7″ guides for very large caliber rifle, with large open face selector chute.


Watch the Sortinator in action.

An overview of the Sortinator.

See how well the Sortinator performs after its been trained.

Watch this for a deeper dive into all of the software features.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 18 in

Large Rifle, Pistol, Small Rifle

More Information

Sort By Caliber
Normally you would not want to mix calibers, especially for pistol, because for example, a 9mm case will fit inside a 45ACP case. If you are trying to sort similar calibers such as 9mm from 380, then you can train the sorter to identify the markings, thereby identifying the caliber using the Sortinator machine vision.

Return On Investment
A person is able to sort about 1,000 cases per hour, and assuming $10/hour, then the Sortinator will pay for itself in 30 work days.


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