Sortinator 2000


Sort brass by headstamp at 8 rounds per second.

Injector spool

Each spool supports one feeder


One puffer supports one bucket

Laptop Upgrade

Included laptop is refurbished running Linux with sorter software installed.


Add-ons total:




The Sortinator 2000 uses the same flexible image recognition algorithms as the Sortinator 1000, sorting brass at eight parts per second.

The base model supports one spool (case feeder), three named buckets, plus the discard bucket for $20,000.  The machine supports up to four spools and six buckets, plus the discard.  For other configurations, contact us for a quote.

We currently have caliber kits for 45ACP and 9mm Luger, and will design a caliber kit for your needs.

The machine comes with a laptop, software, universal power supplies and cables.  You will need to mount it, and attach PVC tubes to guide the brass to your buckets.  It can use off the shelf Dillon feeders, or you can use the Feedinator 1000.

As with the Sortinator 1000, headstamps are recognized by training machine learning algorithms on your brass.  Brass can be sorted directly by large/small primer or indirectly by berdan/boxer primed brass, and also by caliber 9mm/380.  Sorting by color is coming soon, and like all software upgrades, will be free to existing customers.

Additional information

Number of Spools (1 per feeder)

1, 2, 3, 4

Number of Puffers (1 per bucket)

3, 4, 5